David Pahmp Photography

Breakfast at Grand Hotel

Where Hepburn meets Vikander as the 60’s never dies

Editorial image 1

Outfit: 60's Italian night robe, Anna | 60's ruffle blouse, Jako Modeller | 60's cotton pencil skirt, Framazza

Audrey Hepburn, the woman that for ever will be one of the great icons for the flair that the 60's brought with it. A style that never really lost its attraction, but lives on in how we look at and appreciate clothing today.

Because who wouldn't want to casually drop in at a cocktail party, dressed in a black, tight skirt, gloves and the cigarette in a mouth piece, while somewhat jaunty, yet stylishly put that big hat on the shelf?

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Outfit: 60's cotton jacket, Framazza | 60's turtleneck dress

Or why not a confident Alicia Vikander, who firmly holds her male co-stars in check, as an British agent in The Man From U.N.C.L.E.?


The early 60s was of course much influenced with the 50s – classicly conservative and stylishly restrained. So grab that cocktail and enjoy!


Stella Mercedes Pixie Sersam, inspired by Sophia Amorusos and her success Nasty Gal, Stella started Rad Susie Vintage Clothing – an online store with a vintage collection much focused around 70's outfits, has here take a step back in time and captured what made that era so iconic, with clothes that in many ways works perfectly still today.

Together with photographer David Pahmp, make up artist Sofia Boman and model Kajsa Lindström from Nordic Model Agency, they setup at the beautiful Grand Hotel in Lund to create this series of images.


Editorial image 3

Outfit: 60's floral print velvet jacket + miniskirt | 60's sunglasses | 70's leather bag | 70's Italian leather shoes, Rosanders

Editorial image 4

Outfit: 60's little black dress | 60's gold chain bag

Feel free to check out what Rad Susie has to offer, the talents of MakeUp Artist Sofia Boman and model Kajsa Lindström at Nordic Model Agency.


Model: Kajsa Lindström, Nordic Model Agency

Photographer & Planning: David Pahmp 

MakeUp & Hair: Sofia Boman

Styling: Stella Mercedes Pixie Sersam, Rad Susie

Outfits & accessories: Rad Susie Clothing

Car & hotel contact, BTS: Truls Bärg

Photo Assistant: Leia Örnselius

MakeUp Assistant: Vanessa Vega

Editorial image 5

Outfit: 60's Italian knitted top + skirt, Maro Torino | 50's snake skin envelope bag | Suede shoes, Margit Brandt

Editorial image 7

Outfit: 60's plaited blazer + skirt, Piiron | Vintage vega cap | Suede boots, Mango | CAR: Alfa Romeo Giulietta Spider 1959